Canine Arthritis Management: the New Norm

Thursday, March 4, 2021 11:00 - 12:15

This webinar on canine arthritis management aims to tackle the need for an adapted approach to chronic disease care, and provide structure for those willing to embrace the transition.

A recent survey of owners from the community group ‘Holly’s Army’ an online veterinary supported arthritis group reaffirmed the concerns regarding communication between veterinary professionals and their clients. When asking owners opinions on the “new normal” the feedback was not music to the ears.

“I am my dog's advocate and I feel I can't do this effectively at present and I find that upsetting and feel it is damaging the vet-owner relationship.”

Canine arthritis is a regular feature in first opinion practice and has been relabelled a welfare concern by Vet Compass, due to it affecting dogs for the longest time with significant impingement on quality of life. It is well reported that gold standard holistic treatment plans are often blocked by owner understanding, practicality, financials, and lack of time. Could this be the perfect disease to implement a nurse led telehealth approach to improved service provision in your practice? Is it an unidentified income stream? Is it an opportunity to get nurse clinics back up and running in the new norm?

Hannah Capon, Director, Canine Arthritis Management